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As an law term, land title is described as a title of possession to show who owns a  real chattel, or a part of a real chattel or a structure on top of a real chattel. Certified and given with the name of the Land Registry Office by a deed officer, the land title is a written form of document which is legal unless rule of law finds a irregularity.

Because it’s an official document, land titles can be given by the authorized institutions of state and deed officers. In a contrary case, for example, if someone tries to register a land title in the presence of a notary public, the title then will be considered invalid and unofficial. If someone wants to have a property for themselves by buying a real chattel, they’re advised to research into kinds of land titles in order to not to be aggrieved in the future.

There are 3 types of land titles:

  • Share divided land titles
  • Flat for land land titles
  • Private titles

Land Title Parcel Questioning

This system is used for searching a real chattel to see who owns which real chattel or not. This service is both available at Land Registry Offices or e-state system.

Land Title Fees

Land title fee is designated according to the value of the real chattel when someone is registering a land title to the aforementioned real chattel. The priced which needs to be paid to the state via showing a receipt to any Land Registry Office.

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